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Antica Sicilia Chili Jam 180g

Antica Sicilia Chili Jam 180g
Antica Sicilia Chili Jam 180g
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"Chilli is recognized as a food rich in health properties for our helps digestion and has an analgesic effect.  In addition, it also contains a large amount of vitamin C, so it is useful for strengthening the immune system.  Its properties are numerous and it is a spice that has many beneficial substances for the body.

Furthermore, the low calorie, carbohydrate intake, and the presence of good dietary fiber, make chilli pepper a particularly suitable vegetable for those who follow a low fat diet.  Recognizable by the bright red color and balanced taste, this chili jam is characterized by the particular sweet and spicy contrast taste."

Ingredientshot peppers 57%, caster sugar 40%, cinnamon 3%, lemon juice

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