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Better Body Organic Coconut Flour 1020g

Better Body Organic Coconut Flour 1020g
Better Body Organic Coconut Flour 1020g
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Organic coconut flour is a delicious alternative to traditional wheat or grain flours. Many people rave about the health benefits of coconut flour and how great it makes them feel from eating just a few tablespoons per day. And if you're interested in cooking with coconut flour, you should know it's extremely versatile and can be used in a number of tasty recipes. Coconut flour is made from the meat of dried coconuts. Coconuts are usually harvested for their milk or oil. After these are taken, the dried coconut is then carefully ground into a fine, light, white powder, giving it a flour-like texture. Most types of coconut flour are organic because no chemicals are needed to process the coconut meat or dry it out. The coconuts are sometimes dried in an oven to remove any remaining moisture-this gives coconut flour a light toasted taste, complimenting the slight flavor of coconut. Even if you don't care for coconut, the taste of coconut flour is very mild and blends seamlessly with your baked goods. Ditch the empty carbs and reach for organic coconut flour instead. It's gluten-free, low-glycemic and lightly textured, making it an appetizing alternative to standard grain-based flours. 

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