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Vegan – Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Soya FreeDeeply rich, truffley smooth chocolate dairy free luxury ice cream made with cashew nuts.Smooth and deeply truffley dairy free chocolate ice cream made with cashew nuts...
AED 46.55
Ex Tax:AED 46.55
✓ At least 70% less saturated fat than the leading dairy ice cream.✓ Our recipes and factory are dairy, gluten and soya free.✓ And we test regularly at an independent laboratory.✓ “No pot of klik or tub of klak,✓ Or merely superficial snack.✓ Just nature blended and joy extended.” Mister Booja-Booja..
AED 46.25
Ex Tax:AED 46.25
Natural Non Dairy Ice Cream with Caramel..
AED 39.75
Ex Tax:AED 39.75
Coated with Dark Chocolate and Filled with Raspberry and is Gluten Free..
AED 32.00
Ex Tax:AED 32.00
Three flavours to bring unique pleasure: these are the gluten-free sorbets prepared using only organically farmed ingredients! The classic lemon sorbet on a stick or the more extravagant cherry or apricot, which do you prefer?..
AED 22.85
Ex Tax:AED 22.85
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