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Green Tea X50 Raspberry 60'S

Green Tea X50 Raspberry 60'S
Green Tea X50 Raspberry 60'S
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"Green Tea X50 is an all natural energy drink and thermogenic fat burner that helps energize, revitalize, detox and assist weight loss. Green Tea X50 is packed with antioxidants, having the equivalent of up to 20 cups of green tea polyphenols per serve. All of this goodness comes in a convenient and easy to use sachet.

Green Tea X50 provides a natural energy boost and is just an all-around healthy drink! It also contains Resveratrol, a super antioxidant, which helps fight the effects of harmful free radicals. Green Tea X50 provides a healthy dose of Vitamin C, contains naturally occuring essential amino acids and electrolytes.

-Naturally sweetened
-Contains up to 20 cups for green tea polyphenols per serve
-Contains resveratrol
-Contain essential amino acids and electrolytes
-0.5-1 cup of naturally occuring caffeine per serve
-Source of Vitamin C
-Sugar and Asparatame free
-Gluten Free
-No preservatives
-Free Accelerated Weight Loss Program in each box"

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