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Brand: Mondelez
Oreo has become the world’s top selling cookie and is enjoyed in more than 100 countries. But no matter where in the world you find Oreo, one thing remains right at the heart of milk’s favorite cookie: the iconic “twist, lick, dunk” ritual that brings people together like no other biscuit can!..
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The Cadbury Cake offers an intense cocoa flavour in every bits and piece which makes your palate delighted by the softness and tenderness of this yummy dessert. It gives the sensational feeling when you have your first bite in your mouth to stimulate your temptation to a higher level. This delicious..
AED 11.25
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Now you can have your favourite Oreo cookies in soft cake form! Perfect for sharing around or keeping all to yourself for a sweet treat, these Oreo cake bars come individually wrapped and will melt in your mouth!..
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