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Acai Bowls are essentially really thick berry smoothies with the addition of delicious toppings such as fresh fruit, honey, granola, etc.They're one of my favorite breakfast items because they're easy, nutrition, and filing.While you can make a smoothie bowl without acai, you should definitely give ..
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Brand: Birds Eye
Vegetable fingers are the non-fish alternative to the popular lunch and dinner time snack. These have fluffy mashed potato, corn, carrots, peas and onions inside...
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Fish & chips. One of the greatest British traditions there is. It really doesn’t get any better than that. So, when you want to re-live those happy memories, reach for delicious Cod fillets coated in our golden, crispy batter.Wild caughtNo artifical colors or flavorsNo preservatives..
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Made of Alaskan Pollock with a coating of wheat flour, spices, salt, and other amazing ingredients, you can have the tastiest snack to feed your bellies and please the taste buds. With these portions, you can prepare your favourite dip or sauces and serve them hot...
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Keeping your freezer stocked is the perfect way to ensure you are always prepared for any occasion, frozen meats, vegetables, fruits and desserts are all great to have on hand for those impromptu dinner parties or to help rustle up a splendid family lunch...
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Findus Diced Potatoes 500G
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Diced PotatoesGrill or Fry..
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Some days you just don't have time to cook a meal from scratch - that is why keeping your freezer stocked with ready-to-cook foods is a great idea, and a budget-friendly alternative to ordering take-out. This pack of six tasty fish cakes can be cooked directly from frozen for a quick dinner...
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Findus Formed Squid Rings 490g..
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Findus Frozen Mini Rosti With Cheese 600g..
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Yummy Fish Nuggets..
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Perfect to accompany any meal or to be served as a delicious snack for the whole family..
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