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Facial Scrub/Masks

Eradicate icky oil with this powerfully natural botanically effective cooling astringent made with maximum strength 2% salicylic acid. It penetrates deep to help prevent pimples before they start. Formulated with proven pimple zapper Salicylic Acid (naturally derived from Willow Bark Extract). This ..
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This powerfully natural, botanically effective, dual-purpose face and body scrub is tough on backne (back acne) but gentle enough for daily facial cleansing. Formulated with proven pimple-zapper Salicylic Acid (naturally derived from Willow Bark Extract) plus ground walnut shell to scrub away oil, d..
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Another zit bites the dust! Zap those zits with maximum strength 2% Salicylic Acid to get deep down right where zits start. This powerfully natural, botanically effective, ultra light, non-sticky gel, powered with Willow Bark Extract, delivers reduced inflammation on contact and clearer skin in just..
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Every day our skin soaks in pollutants that gunk up pores and cause complexion chaos. With the powerful extraction action of real volcanic clay, this hypo-allergenic cleanser quickly clears away problematic impurities while an infusion of torch ginger and yerba mata help rebuild natural defenses. Al..
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Sure, it€™s infused with a skin-nourishing blend of cocoa butter, kukui nut oil and lotus flower, but don€™t be fooled by this rich, soothing moisturizer. Hidden within its creamy cover is real volcanic clay to help keep skin clear of toxins and pollutants that wreak havoc on our hides. It€™s your s..
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To rid skin of everyday pollutants that gunk up pores and cause complexion chaos, the real volcanic clay in this effective scrub exfoliates dull surface skin then absorbs and washes away problematic impurities. After rebalancing with soothing lotus flower and antioxidant-rich yerba mata, it€™s a tru..
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When thirsty skin is craving calming moisture, it's time for a fast fix hydrate sheet mask. An infusion of coconut water, cucumber and chamomile provide a mega-moisture oasis to return skin to healthy, hydrated happiness. Fear not: sometimes it tingles while it works. Mask is made from natural, sust..
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Your skin will worship this smoothing, miracle milk cleanser. Creamy, rich and abundant in Mother Nature€™s nourishment, it gently washes away any traces of the day with deeply cleansing coconut milk and pore-refining papaya enzymes. Revitalizing ginger and soothing aloe balance the skin for a refre..
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Discover this five-minute tropical retreat for an instant skin pick-me-up. Papaya and pineapple enzymes gently loosen and dissolve dull skin cells and impurities to reveal fresh, vibrant skin. Aloe vera soothes to produce renewed tone and texture. Paradise found...
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Alba Botanica Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme Hawaiian Facial Cleanser ,Gently washes away makeup and skin-dulling impurities..
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Sometimes you need a touch of the tough stuff to get your glow on. This gentle but effective scrub fights off dull, dry skin to instantly create a smoother, more even complexion that seems to glow. Our botanically powerful Marine Complex, infused with sea enzymes, fortifies skin and encourages a mor..
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Don't be shy. get fresh! Lather away the daily grime with this frothy cleanser that freshens and brightens your complexion. Our botanically powerful Marine Complex, rich in sea minerals, fortifies skin and encourages even tone while washing away dulling impurities. Get a fresh start every time you c..
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