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Gift Boutique is a unique online business that offers a wide variety of Gift Hampers, personalized passport covers, promotional items aswell as customized Belgian chocolates, cakes, Popsicles and much more for all occasions.

Your one stop shop for any event or occasion! 

YOUR GIFT CONTAINS Cake cubes covered with chocolate dome and fresh fruits. Comes with a hammer to make your way to the sweet and gooey center. Portion: 8 Tray dimensions: Base: 10inchx10inch Height: 6inch..
AED 343.49
Ex Tax:AED 327.13
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS 15pcs Strawberry covered with white and dark chocolate, and a vanilla cake covered in buttercream and fresh fruits. Comes in a clear Lucite box. Tray dimensions: Base: 40cmx20cm Height: 21cm..
AED 341.48
Ex Tax:AED 325.22
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS A must have dessert for the table - Cakesicles! 6 pieces of yummy chocolate covered cakesicles. Box dimensions: length: 19cm wide: 24cm..
AED 110.48
Ex Tax:AED 105.22
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS 200gms of pure milk chocolate - totem of desert, The Camel. Promises nothing less than sheer indulgence. Tray dimensions: Wide: 15cm Height: 12cm..
AED 38.17
Ex Tax:AED 36.35
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS The chocolate ring surrounding a chocolate geometric heart, filled with edible pearls, rose, butterflies. Sharp edges, sophisticated style, everything that you would love in a gift. Tray dimensions: Base: 23cmx23cm Height: 4cm..
AED 286.24
Ex Tax:AED 272.61
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS 20pcs juicy, handpicked strawberries covered in pure Dark, Milk and white chocolates...
AED 175.76
Ex Tax:AED 167.39
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS Probably the sweetest car you can gift them. Each car weighs 500gms, made with Belgian chocolate Available in Black, Yellow and white also Car dimensions: Base: 25cmx10cm Height: 6.5cm..
AED 152.66
Ex Tax:AED 145.39
Brand: Ahmad tea
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS 4 pieces of edible nail polish made in Belgian chocolate...
AED 108.47
Ex Tax:AED 103.30
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS 4 mini edible plant made from Belgian chocolate, filled with rich praline, cake and cookies topped with chocolate daisy and fresh mint sprouting Pot dimensions: Base: 6.2x5.5cm..
AED 172.75
Ex Tax:AED 164.52
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS Send a big smile their way with these creative and delicious emoji inspired chocolate dipped Oreos. It cannot get more cute Tray dimensions: length: 19cm wide: 24cm..
AED 100.43
Ex Tax:AED 95.65
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS The doughnut lucite wall displaying, mouthwatering pastel color doughnuts freshly made for you. Its a great addition to any celebration and wow everyone at the party. Tray dimensions: Wide: 30cm Height: 40cm HANDLING AND STORAGE Keep away from direct heat and sunlight All our prod..
AED 205.89
Ex Tax:AED 196.09
YOUR GIFT CONTAINS Watermelon cake made only with heathy fresh fruits. With a cake that's just made of fresh, juicy watermelon, strawberries, grapes, golden berries - you can never have too much of it. A perfect Vegan Cake 4-6 servings. Tray dimensions: Base: 10inch..
AED 228.99
Ex Tax:AED 218.09
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