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Olives & Pickles

A delicious assortment of organic Kalamon olives and organic Green olives immersed in brine, organic vinegar and organic extra virgin olive oil to produce a unique flavour.Add them to your salads or enjoy them as an appetizer sprinkling them with herbs and lemon...
AED 16.28
Ex Tax:AED 15.50
Organic Jalapenos Pickled..
AED 27.62
Ex Tax:AED 26.30
Olive oil has been revered for centuries as a healthy culinary oil containing heart-healthy beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids known as MUFAs.Key Benefits:Anti-inflammatory Benefits Polyphenols in olive oil have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory.The most incredible olive oil in the worldTr..
AED 87.76
Ex Tax:AED 83.58
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