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Ingredients Salt, raw sugar*, dehydrated vegetables in variable proportions* 13,3% (onion*, celery*, carrot*, tomato*, spinach*, parsley*), corn starch*, sunflower oil*, yeast extract, turmeric* 1%. *Organic..
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Amandín Vegetable Stock helps you prepare your best recipes. It is the perfect basis for your stews, sauces, paellas and more. You can also use it as a consommé or a delicious soup with the pasta of your choice. It’s made with organically-grown ingredients and has a low fat content. It’s also gluten..
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Fresh Organic Chicken Stock...
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“Well ‘allo,” said the onion, “I’ve just come from France.”The asparagus swooned, she was all in a trance.The beetroot turned red, she was quite in a flap,For this Gallic onion was a most handsome chap...
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