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Non Dairy Drinks

One cup of oatmeal contains about 150 calories, 4 grams of fiber (about half soluble and half insoluble), and 6 grams of protein. In addition to fiber, oatmeal is rich in thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron.Oat mylk is really good for baking, kids, coffee and tea...
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Whole grain rice is a good source of folate, riboflavin (B2), potassium and calcium. Also brown rice is exceptionally high in manganese.Rice mylk goes very well with tea, coffee, puddings. Its also suitable for kids and adults alike...
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The special pleasure with fine flavourFoamed, the almond drink gives vegan cappuccino the special note. Mediterranean almonds from controlled organic cultivation give it its delicious flavour. Also try it in desserts and sauces...
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Discover real cashew powerCashews are true allrounders: mellow nutty in taste, rich of vitamins and minerals to give you an extra push of energy and power!They turn our cashew-drink into the best base for dessert, cereal or smoothies. Our tipp: Also try and whip it up to make your coffee go nuts!..
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Shake it, baby, our exotic coconut artistExotic, fresh note, vegan and a real surprising moment of pleasure: Bring tropical freshness into your home with our organic coconut drink! Delicious as a shake; the typical coconut flavour harmonises perfectly with the exotic fruits, in desserts, cereal, and..
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Mild flavour – a real cool characterOur organic oat drink has no sugar whatsoever. Experience it for yourself: As a mixed drink with fresh summer fruits it is unbeatable. However it also rescues rainy days in front of a fire – in semolina or an airy dessert.We dispense with sugar – fermented oats su..
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You love creamy macchiatos or cappuccino creations? Become a barista professional in no time with the Organic Barista Oat Drink. 12% organic whole grain oats and 2% organic soybeans from Europe provide the perfect drink foam - without stabilizers...
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Berief Organic Oat Drink Gluten Free 1l
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The overwhelming Berief taste of oats - gluten-free! For all those who cannot tolerate gluten or would like to do without it, the Berief Oat Drink gluten-free is the ideal companion for delicious, easily digestible oatmeals, smoothies etc.Quite natural: Without added sugar and unnecessary additives...
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Lactose-free by nature and - like all of our products - made from controlled organic cultivation. With the organic rice drink, we recommend an another vegetable drink.It pleases with the gentle sweetness of fermented rice. Delicious in cereal, as a mixed drink with fresh fruit, it has also proven it..
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The extra portion of pleasure for every occasion.Discover and enjoy your soya drink natural at any time of day – whether with breakfast cereal, in latte macchiato or as a light refreshment between...
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Berief Organic Soy Drink Naturelle Unsweetened 1l
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Give up on sweetness – not on flavour!Do you want to deliberately consume no sugar – but still want good taste? If so, then enjoy our pure vegetable organic drink natural without added sugar.Obtained for organically grown products, it will impress you, convince you with discrete refinements and acco..
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