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Breakfast & Cereals

Brand: Kölln
This finely harmonised mix of dried fruit convinces discerning and nutritionally-conscious people. The fruity muesli with rolled oats from wholegrain oats stands for 40% fruit without any added sugar or salt...
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Brand: Teekanne
Not every evening screams for activity. Sometimes you just need to relax. Simply switch off everything and switch on the kettle. In a few minutes, lemon balm and lavender flowers unfold their magic for a good night's sleep. Your tea is ready for the evening and then sinks into beautiful dreams. ORGA..
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Brand: Teekanne
Organic herbal tea, awakens the spirit of life through the combination of mate leaves with spearmint and lemon peel.Made in Germany..
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Brand: Teekanne
Delicious colorful tea with the fruity taste of raspberry and cranberry.Made in Germany..
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Brand: Orgran
ORGRAN Quinoa Porridge is made up of a variety of wholegrains and is also low in fat, low in sugar and is a good source of fibre. ORGRAN Quinoa Porridge is a quick and easy breakfast to prepare so that you can start your day the right way...
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