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Canned & Jarred Vegetables & Packaged Food

Product description:Enjoy American Kitchen Baked Beans TodayLooking for a delicious and convenient side dish? Look no further than American Kitchen Baked Beans! Made with high-quality ingredients, these beans are slow-cooked to perfection for a rich and hearty flavor. Each carton contains six packs ..
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About this item:No chemical preservativesNo artificial coloursGood in tasteNon vegetarianNo additivesProduct description:American kitchen beef luncheon meat brings you rich taste and is ideal for a quick wholesome meal. It is good enough for emergency situations when you just cant find the time to c..
AED 324.82
Ex Tax:AED 309.35
Product description:Fried food generally requires to be coated in breadcrumbs which gives it a nice crunchy texture. The breadcrumbs can also provide a crispy and tasty golden-brown crust to any fried dish. American Kitchen Plain Bread Crumbs are dried breadcrumbs, ready to use...
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Ex Tax:AED 130.98
About this item:Convenient to use at any timeSuitable for vegetariansTo prepare in no time a large variety of your favorite dishesEasy open packaging makes them good for all occasionsProduct description:American kitchen chick peas are convenient to use at any time! Their "Easy open" packaging makes ..
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Ex Tax:AED 92.22
Product description:American kitchen coconut Milk has a rich flavor and thick feel that give your dishes a creamy texture. Made from finest quality coconuts, delicious aroma and smell that it adds is tempting as it is mouth-watering...
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Ex Tax:AED 136.35
About this item:Tasty and healthyNon vegetarianA salt cured beef productNo chemical preservativesProduct description:American kitchen corned beef is a salt cured beef product. The term comes from the treatment of the meat with large grained rock salt, also called corns of salt. It features as an ing..
AED 419.13
Ex Tax:AED 399.17
About this item:Garlic variant to add extra taste to your foodCan be used as a filler, as a coating for fried foodUsed as a topping to a baked casseroleProduct description:American kitchen roasted garlic bread crumbs are ground from fresh bread, it is white in colour and crumbly in texture. Imparts ..
AED 156.49
Ex Tax:AED 149.04
About this item:Deliciously chunkyCrisp and tangySuitable for vegetariansProduct description:American kitchen sweet gherkin relish is crisp and tangy, deliciously chunky. Crunchy sweet gherkins blended with mustard seeds and selected spices. It adds taste to meat dishes, sandwiches, hot dogs.Ingredi..
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American Kitchen Light Mayonnaise..
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Ex Tax:AED 153.90
About this item:Fresh and natural ingredients, to deliver a healthy lifestyleRich and creamy texture that makes it ideal for blendingGluten free food increases your energyProduct description:American kitchen premium Turkish grape leaves in addition to wrapping foods, vine leaves can be used in salad..
AED 215.18
Ex Tax:AED 204.93
About this item:Conveniently sliced for use in salsaUse in salads, sandwiches, and pizzasCan used as refreshing snackProduct description:American kitchen nacho sliced jalapeno peppers are hot, crisp rings of zesty flavor. These can be used for topping nachos, spice up omelets, pizzas, hamburgers, ba..
AED 166.77
Ex Tax:AED 158.83
About this item:Healthy and deliciousGood qualitySuitable for vegetariansProduct description:Spice up your favorite recipes with american kitchen famous jalapenos. good for your convenience, our turkey,s peppers can be directly tossed in your salads or added to your taco mixture. They are also delic..
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Ex Tax:AED 151.00
About this item:Awesome food from the house of Bikanervala and Bikano. Relish and enjoy the same freshness as your home made food. Store the sealed pack in cool and dry place. There is no need to refrigerate.Ingredients:Water, Yogurt (34.5%), Chickpea Flour (17.2%), Refined Palmolein Oil, Iodized Sa..
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Ex Tax:AED 63.18
About this item:Awesome food from the house of Bikanervala and Bikano. Relish and enjoy the same freshness as your home made food. Store the sealed pack in cool and dry place...
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About this item:Size: 400gSweet round balls made from milk solids & refined wheat flour..
AED 354.38
Ex Tax:AED 337.50
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