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Dried Pulses, Flour, Rice & Pasta

Brand: Anab
Brand : AnabCereals Color : BeigeCereals Form : DryCereals Type : WheatSize : 500gCereals Packaging : Pouch..
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About this item:Natureland Organics gluten free range of Organic Kodo Millet is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamin B6, iron calcium and fatty acids. High content of dietary fiber and protein make our organic Kodo Millet a healthy choice to go for. It helps in sugar control for its low glycemic index. ..
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Product description:Rice pr is a traditional rice variant grown in north India and hilly areas of India, many variants are available starting from pr-6 to pr-11 and popular mostly in catering businesses as well as have high demands in export market. Natureland Organic food's parmal rice is cleaned w..
AED 10.63
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Product description:NatureLand Organics' Roasted Chana Dal is delightful, nutritious and easy to digest. Our Organic Roasted Chana Dal is loaded with dietary fiber. It is unpolished as it does not undergo any kind of artificial polishing. So, treat yourself with our organic roasted chana dal and enj..
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About this item:Versatile, nutritious, easy to cook wholegrain rice noodles that add an authentic oriental touch to any dish. The highest quality organic brown rice and traditional processes are used to produce these smooth and filling gluten free noodles. Stir fry them with vegetables and a pad tha..
AED 221.13
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About this item:Experience the goodness of ORGANIC LARDER Chickpea Fusilli Pasta, 300g! Made from premium organic chickpeas, this pasta offers a nutritious and satisfying alternative to traditional options. With its spiral shape and delightful taste, ORGANIC LARDER Chickpea Fusilli Pasta adds a prot..
AED 293.42
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About this item:Made of organic red lentil flour with its delicious taste and red colourSuitable for vegetarians as it does not contain any animal productIt’s considered a healthy alternative to regular pasta, as it contains fewer carbohydrates and more proteinSuitable for weight loss diets and orga..
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About this item:Feel like you're missing something in your low-carb lifeMake room for this gluten-free substitute of regular pasta in your pantryWith its many benefits, organic larderProduct Description:Organic Fettuccine It has been packed under hygienic conditions, making it highly beneficial for ..
AED 289.17
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About this item:It will enhance the taste of your dishesYou can use it to whip up an easy at-home recipeA perfect combination of health and tasteMade of good quality ingredientsHigh in protein, low in fat and loaded with vitamins and minerals..
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About this item:Made from organic konjac flourGluten free and organic alternative to regular pastaContains no carbohydrates and can help lose weightPerfect balance between taste and nutritionDelicious and mouth-watering tasteProduct Description:Organic Fettuccine. It has been packed under hygienic c..
AED 289.17
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About this item:Organic Larder Mixed Rice is higher in dietary fiber and calcium. It is also a healthier choice endorsed as it is higher in whole grains. It is gifted with various nutritional benefits and is an ideal choice for health-conscious.Features:Brand: Organic LarderSize: 500 gPackaging: Pou..
AED 588.26
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About this item:What could be a more healthier way to enjoy rice than through an Organically produced Round Brown Rice? This Organic larder Round Brown Rice is rich in nutrients and is made to suit your healthy eating habits. Enjoy your favorite vegan meals with this organically farmed rice. Na..
AED 318.94
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About this item:Organic spelt penne made from spelt whole meal flour and water. The Organic Larder Penne is an extruded type of pasta with cylinder-shaped pieces that allows them to not stick while cooking. It can be served with any pasta sauce and enjoyed with your loved one.NaturalOrganicIngredien..
AED 629.37
Ex Tax:AED 599.40
About this item:Organic Larder Penne Zita Rigate Pasta is made from high-quality durum wheat which makes it extremely nutritious and healthy. With zero cholesterol and no trans fats, this macaroni is perfect for any time snacking.Product Features:Brand: Organic LarderSize: 500 gPackaging: PouchDetai..
AED 170.10
Ex Tax:AED 162.00
About this item:Organic Larder Organic Spaghetti 500g is the pack of organic durum wheat semolina.It is a nutritious food.It tastes very goodProduct Description:Organic Larder Spaghetti is a high-quality pasta made from organic durum wheat semolina. It is 100% natural, free from additives and preser..
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