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Brand: Acu Life
Overview:* Easy to use alternative to neti pots and sinus rinse kits* Syringe Delivery System provides maximum control over the pressure & duration of rinse & protects against backflow if the user slows down or      stops during rinse* Works in seconds* Antibacterial Tip with ..
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Brand: Acu Life
About this item* AM PM PILL ORGANIZER: Daily pill sorter helps you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses* TRAVEL SIZED: Compact design is perfect for discrete storage and easy transportation* PILL Capacity: Holds multiple aspirin-sized pills* BUILT TO LAST: Quality design, Built to withstan..
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Brand: Acu Life
About this item* COMMON USES: Sinus relief, runny nose, stuffy nose for baby* EASY BREATHING: Aspirator helps clear mucus for clear breathing* EASY TO CLEAN: Removable parts make the aspirator easy to clean and dishwasher safe* REUSABLE* HEALTHY LIVING: Acu-Life has designed and developed innovative..
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Brand: Apothecary
About this itemCalibrated in ml and tspLatex-freeGasket material prevents plunger from sticking after repeated useProduct description:Easily deliver the correct dose of medication with Apothecary Products Syringe and Dosage Korc®. Now you can draw medicines conveniently straight from the bottle...
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Brand: Mueller
About this item* Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear allowing the user to remain active* Shape easily conforms to the hip* Neoprene for warmth and compression* Fits waist size up to 50 inchProduct descriptionThis adjustable back brace provides firm, comfortable support to help relieve back ..
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Brand: Puressentiel
About this itemPuressentiel Bite & Sting Repellent Roll-on Baby was specially designed for babies from 6 months to offer effective protection against mosquitoes.Product descriptionPuressentiel Bite & Sting Baby Repellent Roll-on  was specially designed for babies from 6 months to offer ..
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Brand: Trister
2 In 1 Blood Glucose Plus Β-Ketone Monitoring System TS-021BGKBlood glucose monitoring through smart Bluetooth app, No coding is needed, making the testing process quicker and easier.  Tiny blood sample: only 0.5ul of blood required for a fast result within just 5 seconds using a large, easy to..
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Brand: Trister
Product descriptionTrister 2In1 Blood Glucose Test Strips 50S TS-021BGSThese glucose test strips are only suitable for Trister 2 in 1 Meter, Model-TS 021BGK with 50 Test Strips and suitable For Self Testing.Technical Specifications:Chemical Composition (per strip):Glucose Dehydrogenase(E.Coli)-8%Ele..
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Brand: Trister
Product descriptionB-Ketone Test Strips Only For Trister 2 in 1 Meter (TS-021BGK). Consist of 10 strips and also it is useful for self testing..
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Brand: Trister
This Trister Air Purifier has a built-in quality indicator with colour indications and three different filter systems. The pre-filter catches hair and (fine)dust and the carbon filter removes unpleasant odours. In addition, the H13 HEPA filter destroys microparticles. In this way, this powerful air ..
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Brand: Trister
Trister Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor TS-350BPFeatures:Irregular Heartbeat IndicatorWHO BP Classification IndicatorClinician Tested & ApprovedMemory store: 3 x 120 resultsDate/Time displayedLCD DisplayAutomatic OffMeasurement method: Oscillometric testingPower source: 4*AAA/LR03 (1...
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Brand: Trister
Product descriptionWeight Management is critical for wellbeing. Being overweight increases your risk of health conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.Features:• Capacity: 250kg / 550lb / 39st:6lb• 4 High precision strain gauge sensors• Te..
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Brand: Trister
Trister Beads Cold/Hot Pack Eye Mask Small  TS-598HCB-EY-SGood For:• Stress Relief• Dark Circles• Strained EyesFeatures:• 17cmx17cm• Microwavable• Suitable for both cold & hot therapy• Remain soft & flexible after freezing..
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Brand: Trister
Trister Beads Cold/Hot Pack Limp Wrap TS-595HCB-LPGood For:• Fever• Aches & Pains• Migraines• Arms / Legs / Forehead Features:• 18cm x 12 cm• Microwavable• Suitable for both hot and cold therapy• Remains soft & flexible after freezing..
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Brand: Trister
Trister Beads Cold / Hot Pack Medium TS-590HCB-MGood For:• Aches & Pains• Fever• MigrainesFeatures:• 26cmx10cm• Microwavable• Suitable for both cold & hot therapy• Remain soft & flexible after freezing..
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