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About this item:Acai Berry is a small purple fruit of the acai palm tree which is grown by the native people in the Amazon Rainforest. Our Acai berry powder is made through a freeze-dry process which removes moisture, but preserves the flavour of the fresh fruit and it's benefitial nutritients.BENEF..
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Product description:Dragon Superfoods Carob powder is perfect for those who avoid caffeine. It is naturally sweet and can be an alternative to cocoa in different desserts and hot drinks.– caffeine-free– cocoa alternative– suitable for kids– high fiber content– no added sugar– gluten-free– 100% organ..
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Product description:Curcuma Dragon Superfoods is a natural source of curcumin, beneficial for the immune system, and the liver function.– immunity booster– antioxidant– high curcumin content– can be used as a spice– raw– gluten-free– 100% organic..
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Product description:Spirulina Dragon Superfoods is cultivated in filtered natural water and contains all the nutrients of the algae.– iron content– vitamins and minerals– vegan protein– easy-to-assimilate– raw– gluten-free– 100% organicSpirulina is easy-to-digest algae, which naturally contains iron..
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Product description:Wheat Grass powder Dragon Superfoods is the finely-milled young green part of the wheat plant, rich in chlorophyll pigments and enzymes.detox boosterantioxidantrich in chlorophyllsupports the digestive systemgluten-free100% organicDragon Superfoods Wheat Grass Powder is the finel..
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Product description:Dragon Superfoods Barley Grass Powder is made from the tender young green sprouts of the barley plant. Our product is pure, 100% organic, boosterhigh fiber contentsupports the detox process of the bodysupports the digestive systemgluten-free100% organicDragon Su..
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Product description:Maca powder Dragon Superfoods is used as a natural energy booster. In Eastern culture, it is known also as a natural fertility boosternatural fertility boosterdoes not contain hormonesgluten-free100% organicDragon Superfoods Maca powder is made from the root of kno..
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Product description:Make a cup of Matcha Dragon Superfoods green tea to refresh in the afternoon or start the day in the morning.refreshingantioxidantpremium quality Grade Arawgluten-free100% organicDragon Superfoods Matcha is a premium (Grade A) green tea powder. The plant (Camellia sinensis) is sh..
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Product description:Dragon Superfoods Chlorella powder is cultivated in filtered and natural waters under strict control. Chlorella is a natural source of chlorophyll, with green colour, specific taste and aroma.source of natural chlorophyllsupports the normal liver functionsupports the detoxificati..
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Product description:Moringa powder Dragon Superfoods is produced by high-quality plant leaves.antioxidantgreen boosternutritious valuerawgluten-free100% organicDragon Superfoods Moringa powder is produced by the plant leaves, carefully dried away from sunlight. Moringa oleifera itself is an Indian t..
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Product description:Nutritional Yeast flakes Dragon Superfoods is deactivated yeast with a nutty creamy taste, mostly used as a cheese substitute for all sorts of food.deactivated yeastflakesnatural content of vitamin B groupcheese substituteabout 28% protein contentveganraworganicDragon Superfoods ..
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Product description:Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), known locally as Ling Zhi, is an edible fungi that has been an essential component in Eastern culture and part of the traditional medicine for centuries.traditional medicine remedysuperfood mushroomantioxidantsupport the immune systemgluten-free100% or..
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Product description:Our Cinnamon is high quality Ceylon Cinnamon with coumarin content less than 0,004%. Take all the benefits of this spice/herb safe with the organic quality.less tha 0,004% coumarin contentno toxic effecthigh qualitybenficial for the bodydelicate mild taste and aromagluten free100..
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Dragon Superfoods Blue Spirulina Powder 75g Dragon Superfoods Blue Spirulina Powder 75g
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Product description:Spirulina Dragon Superfoods is cultivated in filtered natural water and contains all the nutrients of the algae.100% organicmild taste and aromavitamins and mineralsvegan proteinrawgluten-freeOrganic Blue Spirulina Dragon Superfoods is a well-known blue-green algae spirulina (Spi..
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Product description:Ginger powder Dragon Superfoods is a high-quality organic herb, used for years as a piquant spice with many health benefits.warming effectimmunity boosterspeeds up the metabolismgood for the digestive systemnatural antioxidantcan be used as a spice for dishes and soups, to make t..
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