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Hipp Organic Rigatoni Napoli 250g

Hipp Organic Rigatoni Napoli 250g
Hipp Organic Rigatoni Napoli 250g
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Introduce your baby to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits during weaning with HIPP baby food in jars, pouches, trays and pots. They will help contribute to a healthy balanced diet, providing essential vitamins and minerals. As weaning progresses, you should aim to provide at least five different vegetables and fruits a day. Portion sizes will be smaller than those recommended for adults in the ‘five a day’ campaign, but as a guide a toddler will probably have around 40g as a portion.

Ingredients: vegetables* 61% (tomatoes* 39%, courgettes*, carrots*, celeriac*, onions*), cooked pasta* (durum wheat 25%, skimmed milk*, rapeseed oil* 2.5%, rice starch*, wheat flour*, grated hard cheese* 0.8%, skimmed milk powder*, iodised table salt, spices* (oregano*, basil*)*from organic production

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