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Brand: Pokka
Rich fruit juice drink.Established in 1977 by parent company pokka sapporo food & beverage ltd, japan, pokka singapore is a leading beverage company in singapore and asia-pacific. Pokka is a renowned brand in the ready-to-drink beverage market not only in singapore, but also in over 50 countries..
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Brand: Pokka
The Pokka Aloe Vera And White Grape Juice is a nutrient-rich drink with a great taste. ..
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Brand: Pokka
Pokka Cappuccino Coffee Drink is exquisitely brewed from specially selected gourmet coffee beans...
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Brand: Pokka
What's yellow on the outside and deliciously white on the inside The banana. Pokka banana milk combines that unforgettable flavour note with the smooth tender profile of milk, creating a drink with freshly rounded taste...
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Brand: Pokka
The Pokka Bandung Rose Milk Drink is a sweet flavorful refreshing milk beverage. This is considered as one of the best all season drink for its cooling rejuvenating flavor fused with rose extract and the creamy rich flavor of milk...
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Pokka Green Tea Jasmine 500ml x 24pcs
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Brand: Pokka
100 percent genuine brushes from authentic and selected premium green tea leaves. Soaked with fragrant jasmine flavor for a pleasant pleasure everyday. Healthy promotion board certified healthy alternative, with a sugar content of less than 7g or 100ml to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Ingredient w..
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Brand: Pokka
 You can also drink this mix when your body needs a healthy cleanse or to boost your digestion...
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Brand: Pokka
Enjoy the delicious Pokka Mango Drink on the go. You can serve this juice with ice or add it to your mocktails to create a refreshing drink...
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Brand: Pokka
Colour change and sediments are natural and do not affect quality.brewed fromselected tea leaves..
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