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Brand: Barasti
ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA GROWN TOMATOESReady to squeeze our freshest, tangiest, and sweetest tomato ketchup? Our ketchup is made with the finest tomatoes from California with no artificial flavors, perfect to pair with your favorite food...
AED 7.53
Ex Tax:AED 7.18
Brand: Barasti
ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA GROWN TOMATOESOur tastiest and tangiest tomato ketchup is also available in a regular bottle to perk up your favorite foods with its freshest tomatoes from California...
AED 4.98
Ex Tax:AED 4.74
Brand: Barasti
Add flavors to your go-to fast foods with our tomato ketchup that is produced from the finest tomatoes, hand-picked from California. Also available in a glass bottle..
AED 4.47
Ex Tax:AED 4.26
Brand: Barasti
Our premium quality tomato ketchup is all that is needed to tantalize your taste buds and add flavors to your favorite sandwich, burger, or pizza. Available in a 567 ml bottle..
AED 9.27
Ex Tax:AED 8.83
Brand: Barasti
Turn up the heat with our flavorful hot sauce, bringing you the original flavors of Louisiana..
AED 1.93
Ex Tax:AED 1.84
Brand: Barasti
Turn up the heat with our flavorful hot sauce, bringing you the original flavors of Louisiana...
AED 5.32
Ex Tax:AED 5.07
Brand: Barasti
The original taste of mayonnaise in every spoonful. With no artificial colors, our original mayonnaise pairs flawlessly with everyday foods like burgers, sandwiches, french fries, salads, etc...
AED 11.14
Ex Tax:AED 10.61
Brand: Barasti
Just the right amount of chilli combined with our creamiest and rich mayonnaise which is a perfect pair with your sandwiches, burgers, and fries...
AED 8.27
Ex Tax:AED 7.88
Brand: Barasti
Our lite mayonnaise is light on calories but equally tasty with a silky creamy texture...
AED 7.71
Ex Tax:AED 7.35
Brand: Barasti
An incredible duo of ketchup and mayonnaise can never go wrong, and pairs perfectly with your favorite fast food dishes and can be used as a condiment...
AED 7.94
Ex Tax:AED 7.57
Brand: Barasti
Taste the goodness of garlic and the creaminess of mayonnaise, united to innovate an explosive combination of rich flavors. Can be used as a dip too with your favorite appetizers...
AED 8.32
Ex Tax:AED 7.92
Brand: Barasti
A splash of tanginess and spices in our tikka mayonnaise is super tempting when consumed with your favorite dishes to give an extra kick of flavors...
AED 12.32
Ex Tax:AED 11.73
Brand: Barasti
A dash of crushed black pepper, beautifully combined in our creamy mayo is nothing but pure joy when served with your favorite sandwich or appetizer...
AED 11.22
Ex Tax:AED 10.69
Brand: Barasti
Serves as an ideal dressing in your favorite salad with a little bit of tangy and tasty flavors...
AED 11.78
Ex Tax:AED 11.22
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