Whenever I heard "Organic or Bio Bio-Organic groceries, it always came across as “Expensive, overly priced food”.

But recently I have realized that with growing awareness on various health issues people have become more careful and watchful of what they eat, educating themselves on how to eat healthily and reading labels before buying any foodstuff. So, with this growing demand, a lot of Organic Food Brands have come up selling various kinds of food products, organic ingredients, and kids’ food. So many variations and different ingredients are been used to produce varieties for all ages.

I always prefer to have a balance between organic and non-organic food purchases. I believe in buying those things organic that I use regularly like milk, rice, sugar, and bread. Organic food does have some good benefits over non-organic food items. To make it simple here are some quick points:

  • Organic farming uses fewer pesticides than conventional farming
  • Have more beneficial nutrients.
  • Hormone and antibiotics free.

A few days back I came across this brand called Organic Larder; they have an amazing range of food items that are all certified organic. I was very surprised to see the prices of these products and couldn’t stop my self from buying them from ducem.ae I mostly picked up items like flour, sugar, rice, and pasta things which we use regularly. They had some crazy selection of food ingredients with options like gluten-free and Vegan. Surprisingly my kids liked the taste and couldn’t differentiate much of it being cooked with organic ingredients.

I would recommend if you wish to buy organic food do one step at a time and see how you and your family feel about it. Try buying the basic ingredients that you use in your daily cooking. There are so many other brands out there that have good prices without compromising on quality like Organic Larder.

Best of Luck.

Shop Safe, Shop Healthy