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Find all the subtlety of cocoa in a recipe without sugars. Source of fibers 62% saturated fatty acids Reduced impact on blood glucose..
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Gerble No Added Sugar Fruit Muesli 420g
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The gourmet wedding of cereal flakes and tasty fruits and dried fruits: grapes, apples, hazelnuts, dates, bananas and almonds. Rich in fiber 66% saturated fatty acids 69% sugars. Without salt Source of protein..
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Gerble Reduced Salt/Sugar Candied Orange Peels Biscuits 360g
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The finesse of citrus in a crisp biscuit very low in salt. Source of fibers. 81% saturated fatty acids 32% of sugars 88% salt . Phosphorus source..
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Find all the sweetness of almond and wheat germ in a tasty bar.Source of magnesium. Source of fibres. Source of vitamin E...
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Perfect for your daytime snacks , the Gerblé Goûter with Chocolate Chips is a gourmet cake that combines the taste of cereals with melting chocolate chips. Thanks to this biscuit with less sugar , salt and saturated fatty acids, you can indulge yourself without feeling guilty! Enjoy the authentic fl..
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Gerble Vitality Sesame & Chocolate Biscuits 200g
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The combination of sesame seeds and melting chocolate nuggets. In addition to delighting your taste buds, Chocolate Gerblé sesame biscuits are rich in magnesium, fiber and calcium, and made in France with local and sustainable flour..
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Organic Chickpea Puffs Which Are High In Fibre, Organic, Gluten Free, And A Source Of Protein..
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