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Vital Healthcare

About this item* Promotes bone & muscle health* maintains healthy tendons & ligaments* Suitable for vegetarians* No artificial colors & flavors* Gluten free* No preservatives* No egg , fish or nuts* No dairy productsOsteoAid has been formulated with calcium , vitamin D and Zinc all three..
AED 45.36
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About this item:Biotin promotes healthy & glowing SkinZinc promotes Healthy HairSelenium promotes healthy & shiny NailsNo artificial flavoursNo preservativesNo salt or YeastNo egg , Milk or Lactose.Product description:Biotin promotes healthy & glowing Skin. Zinc promotes Healthy Hair. Se..
AED 85.31
Ex Tax:AED 81.25
About this item:Active life style : Vitamin C, Iron, Copper, Chromium along with B Vitamins that contributes to healthy energy release and active life style.Heart Health: B Vitamins with a combination of CoQ10, L-Carnitine, & Magnesium that plays an important role in maintaining healthy heart fu..
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