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Beter Baby Set Comb And Brush

Beter Baby Set Comb And Brush
Beter Baby Set Comb And Brush
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* Brush and comb set to your accessories to help tame and maintain your tot's lovely locks.

* Brush bristles are extra-soft for angel hair and sensitive scalps.

* Bright colours and design on the back of the brush will make baby excited to have their hair done.

* Comb has two width options for different thicknesses of hair and different functions; detangle with the wider end and finish with the finer end.

* Soft and gentle to get baby used to the hair-brushing sensation.

Product description:

Carefully designed for baby's delicate hair and scalp. The brush is composed very soft fibers and the rounded teeth of the comb are safe and gentle when brushing your baby€™s delicate hair.both have large grips for better handling and greater comfort.

Disclaimer: There are multiple color for this product. you will receive the available color at the time of order.

You may not be able to choose the color for this product.

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