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Fiji Water Mineral 1.5 ltr

Fiji Water Mineral 1.5 ltr
Fiji Water Mineral 1.5 ltr
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About this item:

  • The ideal format for sharing, meal times and through-the-day hydration
  • Loved for its soft, smooth mouth feel
  • As seen on red carpet events around the world
  • Country string: Fiji
  • Packaging may vary

Product description:

On a remote Pacific island, 1, 600 miles from the nearest continent, equatorial trade winds purify the clouds that begin FIJI Water’s journey through one of the world’s last virgin ecosystems. As tropical rain falls on a pristine rain forest, it filters through layers of volcanic rock, slowly gathering the minerals that give FIJI Water its soft, smooth taste. The water collects in an artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at Viti Levu, away from external elements until you unscrew the cap.

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